Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Proud Redhead Now :-)

U want a story here it goes... I just turned 48 now thinking about growing up with red hair was unsetting I must say kids and adults can be evil... I would cry being teased Carrot Top, sayings like "Had red who Sh** on your head the same guy who pi**ed in your eye"  saying said by adults, what's all over your face (freckles)... Growing up was hard with red hair at one time I wanted to dye it so I would not get teased so much:-(  Now today since I am going gray I do dye my hair the color I was born with I earned it by all the teasing I went through as a child and no one will take that away from me.... I hope and pray kids and adults are not as evil as the were in the 60's things need to change in this world bullying is not the way... Just because of hair, skin, looks we are all the same we hurt the same bleed the same...
Well I believe I said enough.....
Proud to be a REDHEAD now when I was younger hated it...

S.M. Morgan-Brubaker

(Ed: Thanks for your story Susan, I hope it inspires more people to contribute!)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Jump on a Ginger.

Yeah, this website is awesome. Also awesome, their video:


Jump on Ginger from jump on a ginger on Vimeo.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I am the 2%


At 30 years old, I am forced to buy the highest SPF sunscreen on the market for fear of burn & wrinkles. I live in fear of waking during surgical procedures because I need more anesthesia that the "normal" person. I am made fun of because of my freckles, only furthering the perception that we have a hot temperament. I have been told that I can bleach my skin to get rid of my "spots: making me more attractive. I have been called Fire Crotch, Carrot Top, and Big Red...But I prefer GINGER!
I am the 2%!!!!!!
And yes, the carpet matches the drapes!

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